The decision to lose or manage weight is not always instigated by the thought of looking good, at times; it is forced by society or even, demanded by the job!

Carrie Fisher First Star Wars Actress

While we think that it is always the talent that works for the celebrities in the movie and television world, certain stories we get to hear, essentially, shake our believes and make us rethink about the actual key to success here !

One such story is of Carrie Fisher, who expressed her disappointment over her ‘forced weight loss’ for the movie Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Late Carrie Fisher, who succumbed to a heart attack in 2016, was a multi-talented actress with great writing skills.

The actress was best recognized as Princess Leia, a role she portrayed in the Star War series.

The popularity of the role can be judged by the fact that it was thrice nominated for the Saturn Awards.

Besides this, other roles that contributed to her successful career were in the Time Guardian, Shampoo, Catastrophe, Appointment with Death, 30 Rock and The women.

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Age: 60 years (1956-2016)
Height: 1.55m (5 feet).
Weight loss in yesteryears: 35lbs.
Measurement: 36-25-36


Carrie Fisher’s transformed body hit her fans as a pleasant surprise, until the day she revealed what led to her weight loss and why she shed off her extra pounds.

Star wars Carrie fisher moviesIn 2015, the 60 years old actress revealed the most distressing phase of her career when she was forced by the makers of Star Wars series to lose weight.

As per her, it was the time before the making of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, when she was commanded to lose weight, for it was what the role was demanding!

Since Carrie was a highly professional actress and wanted to fit in the role, agreed reluctantly.

Of course, the role was very essential for her as she credited the major part of her success to it and was her return to big screen!

Much to our surprise, the actress further revealed that it was not the first time she was demanded to get in shape, back in 1977 when she was a teenager, the woman was asked to shed off her extra pounds for the initial part of Star Wars, too.

For this purpose, she was sent to a place that aimed to aid people struggling with their weight.

Carrie addressed the place as FAT FARM.

Commenting on the producers of The Force Awakens, she made a witty remark about how they want to hire her without her extra pounds. She believes that they want some part of her to work for them, and not the other.

In such a case, she is made to separate the remaining part from herself.

Carrie Fisher weight loss before and after

While discussing about her health, Carrie articulated how her weight loss efforts impacted her health in a negative way.

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In fact, her health started to deteriorate some time after she lost 35lbs to reprise the character of Princess Leia, after 40 years.

Carrie further expressed her disappointment over the entire ordeal quoting that the business she is a part of, pays heavy emphasis on the size and looks. She further quipped that she would not get surprised if the makers ask her to cut her age besides her weight, as this is how it is!

Well, we cannot just blame Carrie Fisher diet, the eating pattern she has been following to cope up with the demands of filmmakers; however, some experts say that we can doubt her crash diet that may have contributed in worsening her health condition.

As per them, crash diets have a negative impact on our health because; their mechanism is not just restricted to losing the body fat.

As a matter of fact, these diets actually weaken our muscles while our body attempts to generate energy by transforming the tissues into glucose.

All this happens, because we deprive our body from food, and food gives us energy to function smoothly.

In such a case, our body finds an alternate through our body tissues, resulting in affecting our muscles- including the heart muscles!

Carrie fisher death due to heart attackIf we look the situation from a broader perspective, we will understand that the crash diet can make the heart waste a significant level of its muscle, which of course is very dangerous.

Muscle wasting means poor pumping of blood, which can increase the risks of triggering a heart attack.

Commenting on Carrie Fisher weight loss, the woman said that she followed the similar practices that are abided by everyone- no food and heavy workouts.

Even though, she was fine with Carrie Fisher workout, however, starving herself from food was very difficult for her.

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She believed that there is no third element in the weight loss formula and hence she followed what others do.

The idea to shed off the extra pounds never pleased the on-screen Princess Leia as it used to make her look what she is not! .

However, to cope up with the demand of the character, she had to obey the commands!

Carrie Fisher before and after photos did please her fans, but the story behind her transformation saddened them to the core.


Even though, losing weight for overweight and obese individual is highly essential from the health and fitness perspective, however, choosing the right practices is equally important.

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Carrie managed to catch up with the demand of the role; however, crash diet is never the roadway to healthy weight loss!